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is a company dedicated to safety and education in the transportation industry.

Welcome to our website!

e are expanding our products and services as the demand is recognized and welcome any suggestions you may have with regard to your needs that we may serve in the future.

Learn the right way,
Not the wrong way!
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Our Products & Services

Safe-T-Step Truck Ladder

 Designed by experienced truckers

 Eliminate Injuries & Comp Claims

 Simple Patented One-Piece Design

 Strong but Lightweight

 Safe & Secure                              

 Easy to Store

 To learn more click HERE 


CDL Test Training Videos

  Pre-Trip Inspection Test Video

  Skills Test Video          
  On the Road Test Video                  

  • Buy one test video or take them all.

  • Watch them as often as you like!

  • Take the mystery out of the test.
  • Then take the test with confidence.

  • Improve your chances of passing!

  • Tips to improve your scores.

  • Choose Class  "A" or Class "B".

  • Watch an actual test!

  To learn more click HERE

  Click HERE to order

PUCO Safety Compliance Seminars

   Are you aware of the new Ohio Rules for small commercial vehicles?

   Authorities are stopping vehicles now!  

  Schedule a seminar before  you are stopped.               
           Click HERE for seminar content and dates.

           Click FAQ for frequently asked questions.

106 2002borat 2006 720p bluray x264cybermenthe fray where the story ends             For PUCO information click PUCO.

Schedule your CDL Test at our Site

                                         Conveniently located in Canton, Ohio
                                         For map & directions click MAP                        
                                         To schedule your test click HERE.   

Chopper University

   All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy! 

   Do you like motorcycles? 

   Want to have a really fun weekend?

   Build a Chopper in a weekend!
                            Learn while you build  

                             No experience necessary

                             Hands on seminars

                             For more information click HERE

Big Rig Truck Driving School

  Interested in a truck driving career?

  Class "A" CDL - Tractor Trailer.                         

  Class "B" CDL - Straight Truck.

  Passenger Endorsement.                                                

  Day, Night, or Weekend Classes.

  Tuition Assistance if you Qualify.

  Job Placement Assistance.

  Tuition Reimbursement Programs.

  Click HERE for more information.


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The New Rules were rescinded by the PUCO on March 16, 2011 and the PUCO will recommend new rules, if any, on this subject in 90 days.


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